Ann Taylor concept store and online sale

I was very intrigued by the recently opened ‘concept store’ for Ann Taylor. I had to go check out their grand opening. Ann Taylor is my absolute favorite apparel store for several reasons: (1) I love their modern but conservative style and (2) I have the misfortune of being a short twig and Ann Taylor is one of the few stores that carry clothes for my size. At least reason #2 used to be true, until they decided that petite sizes 00 and XXS (don’t hate on me ladies, trust me, you don’t want to be that size) would not be sold in the brick and mortar stores anymore. Now you can only buy it online. Or if someone just happens to return their online purchase at that particular store location that you visit. I had to ask their salesperson what made them decide to stop carrying my size. Her response, “We just don’t have enough space to carry that size.” What!! No space for the smallest of sizes!!! If that isn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard, you tell me what is.

Back to the ‘concept store’ (no, they still don’t carry my size), I didn’t really get the concept behind it. Just looked like a fancier looking Ann Taylor, with huge, expensive looking chandeliers. And all the mannequins segregated to the center in a “runway” style. I was with Mr. MD PhD and owing to his discomfort in the “frou-frou environment”, we didn’t stay long, and I certainly didn’t go around trying on clothes (not that they would have my size). But supposedly the fitting rooms feature “ottomans, plush carpeting, and a new proprietary lighting system with flattering back lit mirrors“. According to the Bellevue Scene, “What’s better than shopping in your best girlfriend’s closet? How about …an intimate space that transcends a luxe, walk-in closet?” I don’t have a walk-in closet in my apartment. I have never shopped in my girlfriends’ closets. I really have no concept of what they are trying to get across there? Other than – this is a very fancy looking Ann Taylor. As for the intimate space, it was the grand opening with people serving bubbly and DJ spinning songs, cozy seemed more accurate at the time. A little too cozy. Maybe it deserves another visit at a less busier time.

But all was not lost. Usually, I try on the clothes at the store and come home and order them online in my size. Right now there’s a ‘Friends and Family’ sale that lasts until tomorrow, 40% off your entire purchase, including items already on sale. I loved this Anaconda print dress, that was selling for $69.88 (and after figuring the 40% additional sale, it was a whopping 76% off the original $178 price!).

I tend to get very conflicted between things I really want and things that are the best sales prices. This one wasn’t the best of deals, but I have been wanting a basic black cardigan for a while. And with the $13 off and additional 40%, it came out to $33, which isn’t too terrible. I really love the comfort of cardigans. And combined with a nice skirt or pants, they work great for a relaxed professional look. Ooh, and the best part, I could actually pair both the purchases together into a great outfit! In my size!! Haha, I had to put that last bit in there.


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