Single ladies singled out?

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Opinions and stereotypes about single ladies abound in popular media. Yahoo recently featured this interview by Tracy McMillan. McMillan, if you haven’t already heard of her, wrote the notorious article in Huffington Post last year, which got her so much attention, that she turned it into a book. McMillan found her pot of gold in the oft used book selling strategy — write an article or publish an excerpt that’s bound to offend as many people as possible. Everyone will be furious and then they’ll buy your book to read how much more ridiculous you could get. In McMillan’s opinion, single women are single because they’re either sluts, bitches, liars, selfish, and/or shallow. But take heart single ladies, McMillan is just trying to help. When she says you’re bitch, she means you’re constantly angry at something or another— men who’ve jerked you around in the past, your career, Sarah Palin. And that anger stands in the way of you finding yourself a loving relationship. When she says you’re a slut, she means casual sex is getting in the way of you getting married.

The Single Revolution” in the June issue of Marie Claire offers solace to the single ladies whose feathers got ruffled by McMillan.

After a long history during which living solo would get you labeled a pathetic spinster or, if you were lucky, a sexual iconoclast, being recognized as an independent person rather than as someone’s daughter, wife, or mother is a new, shiny kind of liberty for women, one that has unlocked all sorts of doors.

Take heart single ladies! Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a crazy old cat lady. And if you do, put on your sexy lingerie as you lounge around by yourself in your lonely apartment, Marie Claire provides helpful illustration with their article, picture yourself like the fabulous sexy single lady you are.

Single ladies won’t turn into ‘spinsters’ or crazy cat ladies.

More from the Marie Claire article:

A recent Pew Research Center study found that barely half of American adults are married, a historic low. More striking: Only 20 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds are hitched. It’s now standard for a woman to spend years on her own, learning, working, earning, socializing, having sex, and, yes, having babies in the manner she — and she alone — sees fit. To be more precise: We are living through the invention of independent female adulthood.

That’s all great, but where are all the single dude articles? If there’s all these single women out there who need sage advice to either (a) not be single anymore or (b) get with the program and celebrate the “invention of independent female adulthood”, then there must be comparable number of single men out there. Is there no market for advice or consolation articles for single guys? Either those single guys are perfectly content with being single or they don’t read advice articles telling them that they’re single because they’re sluts and bitches. Funny how there isn’t even a male equivalent for those terms. Studs? Dogs? That sounds more complementary than the slurs like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ hurled at women. I am all for spreading sound advice for single women seeking to end their state of singledom and graduate to coupledom. And for ‘rah rah’ pieces telling women that no other time has been better than right now to be single and enjoy the independent female adulthood. But the whole conversation seems counterproductive if men aren’t involved. They are, after all, half the equation.

Image credit: Fickr by user srpalm.


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