Momnesia and an announcement


I would like to think of an explanation, and momnesia is the best I can come up with. Although I am long past the first year mark, so I don’t know how much longer I can keep blaming mommy brain for my forgetfulness. I wrote this blog post months ago and in my mind I had hit the publish button. And somehow, in all these months, I never noticed that this post wasn’t published.

Anyhow, months ago I was thrilled to announce that I was joining the Mothers in Medicine blog, affectionately called MiM, as a regular contributor. In fact I am still quite thrilled to be a part of that writing community. I have written a few posts now (here, here, and here), and it has been a great experience.

I found MiM a few years ago when I was pregnant and freaking out about how I was going to swing the whole motherhood thing while going through medical school. As for all life advice, I turned to Dr. Google, who directed me to that blog. Through the years Mothers in Medicine provided me with some reassurance that this whole mothering and medicining process doesn’t always look pretty but there are others out there in the same boat who are making it work. And they are willing to share those messy stories.

I plan to continue writing about whatever I write about on this blog (and hopefully remembering to hit publish), and I will write about issues and experiences specific to parenting and some stories about medicine on MiM.

Here’s a list of my MiM posts:

  1. My cherries are damaged!
  2. Surprise! Female physicians are payed less.
  3. Money and mothers in medical training

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