10 essential apps for clinical years of medical school

1. UpToDate: The UpToDate website is a phenomenal resource for medical students, residents, and attendings (even those sticklers for “primary sources”). It is amazing for getting an overview of pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic tests, management for just about every condition under the sun. It lives up to its name and contains updated literature and practice … Continue reading

Beginning of an education

“Omigosh, you don’t have a pulse!!!” Sounds like something only a first year medical student would say to another living, breathing human being. At least I didn’t say it out loud. But that’s what was going through my mind when the blood pressure meter needle dropped down below 100mm of Hg without me having heard … Continue reading

The MCAT makeover

The Medical College Admissions Test, affectionately called the MCAT (pronounced em-cat) for premeds around the country, is set to undergo a whole new makeover in 2015. In the last update in 2007, the Association of American Medical Colleges – the AAMC – decided to stop killing trees and converted it to a computer based format. It also … Continue reading

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