Taking the guesswork out of brain surgery

Trick to removing a tumor from the brain is knowing where to cut. You would assume that your incredibly smart neurosurgeon would be able to tell the difference between brain and tumor. Cut out the tumor. Leave in the brain. Sounds simple, right? It turns out to be not that simple. Lets talk about where … Continue reading

Battle hymn of the tiger advisor

Inspired by the Nature feature on the 24/7 lab lifestyle and Amy Chua’s now infamous WSJ excerpted article, here’s my first stab at satire.

Oh to be done!

When are you going to graduate? That is what I’ll miss least about graduate school, dealing with that awkward question. As any grad student will tell you, it is the most annoying question ever. A mildly more tolerable version of the aforementioned cringe inducing monstrosity is, “How is research going?” But only mildly. Like the … Continue reading

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